162 Cell Oasis Rootcubes Sheet

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Sheet of 162 measuring 1" X 1" X 1.5"

Created for slower-rooting vegetative cuttings, this higher-density, lower-drainage foam gives hydro hobbyists healthy, robust plants sooner than ever before, shaving entire days off the propagation process.
Our lab tests have proven ROOTCUBES® Plus foam reduces propagation time for vegetative cuttings, in some cases, by upwards of 30%.

According to tests conducted on cultivars from Syngenta Flowers, ROOTCUBES Plus significantly enhanced propagation in slow-rooting Poinsettia cultivars, increasing rooted cuttings by as much as 25%. The most dramatic impact was seen with Sonora White Poinsettias, nearly tripling the number of roots per cutting when using ROOTCUBES Plus.
Equally impressive results were achieved with fast-rooting cultivars.

In slow-rooting Poinsettia cultivars, such as Monet Twilight and Jingle Bells, ROOTCUBES Plus increased rooted cuttings by as much as 50%.

With a fine-cell design that increases contact between the media and the end of the cutting, ROOTCUBES Plus enables quick and easy water uptake. Its higher density grips cuttings tightly, keeping them in place. And just the right amount of starter nutrients are included to get cuttings off to a strong start.

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